If you’ve achieved perfect balance when it comes to finding time to do what you like and what you’re good at, growing your business, and getting all of your back office and business administration stuff done, then you may not need our help. And congratulations! If you’re still trying to strike that balance and wondering how to do it, you’re not alone.

Before On Point, our founders Sheryl Nelson and Bob Marsh were both lifelong career business lawyers with a true passion and talent for helping businesses become healthy and thriving organizations. During those 25+ years, they saw first-hand the many business owners who were overwhelmed with the back office and business administration responsibilities that came with running a business and who were frustrated that taking care of business was getting in the way of doing business. In some cases these responsibilities would get done, but only because income-generating activities were pushed aside. In many cases, the back office and business administration responsibilities went undone, making for sleepless nights and anxiety about the dangers that would be lurking.

It became clear that business owners needed a resource for getting their back office and business administration tasks done efficiently, consistently and cost-effectively. Enter On Point Business Administration.

Sheryl Nelson, President

Growing up in a military family, Sheryl moved quite a bit but spent most of her formative years in Wichita, Kansas before calling Kansas City home. In her spare time, she loves to hone in on her perfectionist yet creative side through interior design, especially if it involves incorporating her favorite color green. With these traits and her attention to detail and ability to see the big picture, Sheryl enjoys helping businesses get their house in order so they can be prepared for growth and success. Let one thing be known, though detail-oriented, and extremely decisive, Sheryl’s presence is always heartfelt but never pretentious. While she is thrilled when her clients soar, you can’t say the same about her: she’s deathly afraid of heights.

Bob Marsh On Point Business Administration

Bob Marsh, Vice President

A lover of things consistent and steady, Bob got an early start by growing up and living in the same house for 22 years in Wichita, KS. Bob is an avid outdoorsman who loves to apply patience and discipline while fishing, hunting and horseback riding. When he’s not doing that, he’s focused like a laser on helping businesses improve their back office and business administration health so in-turn they can be more profitable. Don’t believe that Bob is amazingly perceptive, innovative and principled? You may be surprised to learn that he is an inventor with several patents.