Contract Administration


The life of a contract continues beyond its signing. Some contracts require the delivery of documents post-signing, like insurance certificates that name additional insureds or proof of bonding.  And oftentimes these requirements need to be satisfied on a yearly basis. Let On Point manage these post-signing deliverables while you focus on ensuring that the commercial [...]

Risk Management


Companies large and small face daily compliance risks. As a first step in managing these risks, a company must have a complete understanding of the risks facing the business, the potential consequences if those risks aren’t managed appropriately, and the options available for mitigating the risks. During the enterprise risk management (ERM) process, On Point [...]

Human Resources


Building a business successfully requires proper attention to matters impacting human capital. On Point can help you lay the groundwork for positive relationships with your employees. Effective communication with employees is critical and begins with clear and easy-to-read employee handbooks and written policies and procedures that can be consistently applied. Offering employee benefits like retirement [...]

Corporate Secretary


On Point provides a broad range of governance and entity management services for both private and public entities. Proper entity maintenance is not complicated but it can be tedious and easily procrastinated and oftentimes it doesn’t happen despite its legal importance.  This critical position with a company is often delegated within an organization to positions [...]