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Taking care of a business shouldn’t get in the way of doing business.

Taking care of business means getting a business in order. It means staying on top of the business administration details that are a necessary part of running an organized and efficient business – things like corporate housekeeping and governance, contracts administration, HR and 401(k) governance, compliance and risk management, records management, and policies and procedures.

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Extensive Experience

We have over 25 years of experience in the CAO role – each. You can’t find outsourced experience like that anywhere else.

Attention to Detail

We’re masters of detail and as strange as it sounds, we love it. You focus on the big picture and other important things while we cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

Save Time

Keeping a business in order takes time and expertise that you may not have. When you outsource to us, we fill those gaps.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that experienced and trusted advisors are taking care of the details
when and how they need to.

Peace of Mind for Business Owners and Managers

Every business has unique needs. Regardless of what yours are, On Point is here to provide a streamlined solution when it comes to getting your business in order. Whether you are just starting out or your business has been around for years, and whether you are a solo business owner or you have a team of employees to support you, On Point is what you need for peace of mind and efficiency when it comes to taking care of your business.

Getting your business in order is the foundation your business needs to operate and grow. It will also put you in a better position to maximize the value of the business and the return on your investment as an owner when it comes time to exit.

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Go-To Resource for Business Advisors and Professional Experts

As former business lawyers and long-time business owners ourselves, we understand how valuable reliable business advisors are. We’ve spent decades working with businesses who didn’t have their house in order. Sometimes they didn’t even realize it. Other times they just didn’t have the time to focus on the details themselves.

If you’re an experienced professional like an accountant, commercial banker, insurance broker, financial advisor, lawyer, business coach or consultant, you appreciate the importance of taking care of those details.

On Point is the perfect business solution for you and your clients at every stage of business – from start up to exit planning.

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Their turnaround time and thoroughness is outstanding. I highly recommend the On Point team.

David B., Business Owner

On Point has been a valuable source of information and advice and is our go-to when it comes to the details involved in taking care of a business.

Michael P., Physician and Business Consultant

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Housekeeping & Governance

  • File Annual Registration Reports
  • Archive internal entity documentation
  • Serve as Registered Agent

Compliance & Risk Management

  • Administer enterprise risk management (ERM) process to identify risks and mitigation options
  • Create framework for effective compliance program, including Code of Conduct
  • Develop and implement employee education and annual compliance certifications

HR & 401(k) Governance

  • Prepare Employee Handbook
  • Create HR policies and procedures
  • Coordinate 401(k) plan administration

Records Management

  • Develop records retention policy for appropriate handling of company records
  • Work with business and IT teams to implement records management system
  • Provide electronic records archive

Contract Administration

  • Develop and implement process to track key contract dates
  • Prepare executive summaries of material contracts to serve as “ready-reference”
  • Track and manage insurance certificate deliverables required by contracts

Policies & Procedures

  • Document business policies and procedures that describe the “whys” and “hows” of completing day-to-day tasks
  • Provide online portal for electronic policy and procedure access
  • Manage annual or more frequent updates of policies and procedures

Transition Planning & Preparation

  • Conduct pre-transaction health assessment
  • Lead business owners and advisors through due diligence process
  • Build virtual data room for organized business documents before an exit or transition

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